Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Girl And Her Dog...

Kenny and I are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful girls in our lives- Amelia the baby and Greta the pup. They are so cute together and we're sure they'll eventually become the best of friends.

Greta is still a little unsure of how to act around Amelia. She definitely has a nervous personality to begin with and throwing a whole new person into the mix is a lot for her to digest. But, I think she's adjusting surprisingly quickly. The hardest part is teaching her to enjoy the baby without getting too close (and licking her on the lips. Ugh- Greta just can't understand why ANYONE wouldn't want to be kissed on the lips!)

I was afraid Greta was going to want to chew up Amelia's toys but she's doing so well learning what toys are and aren't hers. We have only had one casualty so far!

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  1. This melts my heart. I love it. Greta is so sweet to her adorable sister.